Our pro photography team, led by internationally renowned automotive photographer, Kunal Kelkar, has set the bar extremely high for commercial automotive photography globally.
Photography is the backbone of our work at The Autofocus. We've spent years honing our skills in automotive, travel, landscape, portraiture, lifestyle, aerial and 360° photography.
Considering we are petrolheads it comes naturally to us to keep our photography style focused on automobiles. This has allowed us to carve a niche in the industry while amalgamating it with various subjects, people, studio setups and outdoor locations. High-end Studio Photography has allowed us to be part of multiple high stake campaigns right from angle hunting exercises to ATL and BTL photo assets for various products before they hit the market.


As AI and creative tech progresses, we believe an amalgamation of photography and CGI is the way forward to achieve campaign goals smoothly and take the load off our clients.
CGI and CGI animation services provided by the autofocus are revolutionary for marketers and make it possible to mitigate unforeseen risks pertaining to creating content and drive sales. The basic challenge faced by automotive marketers are car availability and subsequent modifications in new models which are quite costly to shoot each time. Our CGI team helps you develop shoot scenarios and repurpose old CADs without actually needing the car in the actual shoot locations.
Whether it a simple sales explainer video or a complicated VFX animation. The Autofocus continues to deliver immersive content in new mediums and has the tenacity to push the limits every single time.


Our expanded team consists of best in class directors, DPs and cinematographers who get those perfect shots for you every time.
We offer turnkey solutions to produce top notch automotive and motorsport content . So sit back and relax, when it comes to film anything on wheels and blend it with fashion, lifestyle, art, tech, travel or people. Check out our films here best to see our work for Ad agencies, production houses and film industries globally.


Art does not happen with just the artist. Instead art occurs in the mind of the audience. That secret is the key to creating effective marketing and advertising campaign. That’s why a typical day at work never goes without whipping out mood boards, concepts, scripts and treatments. Getting the communication right is the first and foremost step for the success of any campaign and that’s our forte. Together Kanika and Kunal have created exceptional work and made a name for themselves when it comes to delivering quick and on-point.
The creative team consisting of art directors, concept artists, copy writers, UXUI designers, Motion Graphics artists and animators have exceptional capabilities to craft exquisite and new thoughts.


The final and the most crucial stage of any creative process is generally what can make or break a campaign. This is the step that we take very, very seriously and try to make it as collaborative as possible. From delivering results in less than 24 hours to editing on spot we have done and seen it all.
A full-time photo retouching and video editing team, with VFX & SFX capability inhouse is ready to meet all your editing requirements for stunning photos and films. We might not have a perfect situation to shoot always, but that doesn’t stop us from surprising you! Hence, we consider post production service is one of our biggest strengths and invest most of our resources to ensure that we are par with global standards or able to predict future trends.