Where Last Wild Horses Roam Free!

America is a huge country. It’s a melting pot for various cultures. It’s so vast that it needs six time zones for people to function. It has probably every kind of terrain one could ask for. Want to visit dense rainforests? There’s an option for that. Need some time away from the city in the desert? There’s a destination for that as well. The country holds something for everyone’s interests.

The American Rockies are a very intriguing chain of mountains. They are possibly the oldest block mountains in the world. Since this is an automobile enthusiast site I’m not going to delve into what block mountains are. Those interested can google them for more information. Anyway, the southern part of the Rockies, after the separation of the Pangea and ice age, left a big rift in the mountains causing beautiful formations in Colorado, Utah and Arizona. Okay back to the journey and car now.

We asked Ford for a car and they decided to give us one of their new Ford Mustangs. The one that pretty much anyone can own and probably the most common rental seen on the roads of this country. It was a nice red one. Even though it was so common, (every fifth car was a mustang), people still had to turn around and look at it or give us the occasional thumbs up and head nod as we baked ourselves in the autumn sun with the top down at a stop light. Alright enough with the rambling.

We picked up the car in Denver and decided to drive down to Colorado Springs. That evening we took a drive through the “Garden of the Gods.” An awe-inspiring park with some beautiful pink sandstone formations, allowing for some pretty cool photo-ops.

The next day we had a 485mi haul from Colorado Springs on Highway 50, across the whole state of Colorado till Blanding, UT. The highlight during this was Utah’s beautiful Arches National Park where we had the chance to catch a spectacular sunset over the whole rift valley. The photographs don’t do justice to how grand this place is. Naturally formed Arches in the rocks? Who would have thought something like this could even happen. Seeing this park in the golden light gave it a whole new perspective.

By this time, we had covered quite a bit of ground with the young horse. The Mustang we had was not the big stallion with the V8 heart. This one had a turbo-charged four banger. At first I was like meh, but it grew on me. It was honestly pretty fun to drive. Apart from not having a V8 rumble in the back, it was smooth on the acceleration. There wasn’t too much lag from the turbo and the 300 horses it put out was more than enough to get a move on.

The 2.3L Eco-boost from Ford is a first for this model of car. A big shocker for purist Mustang fans. At $35,000 its got a decently hefty price tag on it. It comes with a ton of features, including heated and cooled seats. The six-speed automatic transmission comes equipped flappy-paddles. The steering wheel and engine response gets modes called, “Comfort,” “Sport +”and “Race.” Each one gradually increasing the aggressiveness and response of the vehicle.

On the mountain roads, Sport+ seems to be the best mode giving the most response from the road. It stiffens up the steering wheel and holds in the gears longer allowing for the slightest flick of the tail, putting a big smile on your face, giving you the satisfaction that you can still get the tail out in a unconventional Mustang.

The eco-boost engine has some good plus points. It’s great on mileage. We were doing about 480mi per full tank of gas and still having fun with the car. There were quite a few times we were galloping down the road at triple digit speeds. It snarls up the speedometer when pushed and at the same time it can trot along at ease on cruise control boosting the mileage. It’s not a bank breaker when it comes to fuelling up.

The car itself has decent space for a roadtrip. If it’s just two people then two big bags in the trunk and maybe one hand bag on the seat gives enough room to play with space in the car. If it comes to owning an iconic sports car without having to pay for the gas bills then the Ecoboost is not a bad option. You will be making a HUGE compromise on the power, the V8 rumble and the fact that your horse won’t be branded with a chrome “5.0” on its side fenders or a “GT” on it’s rump.

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