Volvo Journeys

The iconic Swedish automaker, known globally for making the safest cars, were looking to do a production in the UAE. Now for those of you that follow the brand and their communications, you’d know that the brand loves subtle pantones and soft natural light which is very easily found for them in their homeland. A majority of the Volvo’s imagery is created in and around Scandinavia as it fits the profile of the brand.



Volvo wanted to specifically reach out to its Middle Eastern customers and show them that the brand is as home in Dubai and the Emirates as it is in Sweden. They wanted to do this through their social media platforms with a few images and a video.

The biggest hurdle that the brand was facing was the fact that though they make SUVs, these SUVs are not really meant to be driven in the soft sand dunes of the desert.

Volvo reached out to us after seeing the work we did for Lexus UAE with the LX570S with a brief of shooting 10 photographs each of the 3 SUVs (XC40, XC60 and XC90) in and around Dubai and a special “Journeys” concept with the XC90.



The Journeys concept was something that they have been doing in Sweden and different countries where a certain vehicle is used to explore certain iconic or unique locations of that particular story and then woven into a story depicting the certain activities and locations native to that country.

With the XC90 we decided to explore the Emirates of Dubai, Ras-Al-Khaimah and Fujairah to give the audience a feeler of the many great locations in the UAE. Our journey took us from Dubai to the Al Qudra Lakes where we got to experience the majestic beauty of a Gyrfalcon with it’s trainer. The falcon is the national symbol of the UAE and a sigil of pride for the country’s locals. For there we ventured on further to Hatta Dam, a special water catchment area right on the UAE-Omani border. A great place for some quiet time and kayaking. Keeping Fujairah in our sites we drove on some beautiful roads from Oman to the land where the mountains meet the sea for some photographs on the beach before concluding our journey back in Dubai.



The content for this was shared on Volvo Cars UAE Instagram page in the form of stories and a video post of the same.

For the 10 marketing assets per car, we showcased each car in a unique setting.

The XC40 was kept city focused, the XC60 with a blend of city and the countryside and the XC90 with a major focus on the luxury aspect of the vehicle and the countryside.