Rimac Automobili – 2017 Monterey Car Week

For anyone that’s an automotive enthusiast, what we call as “Pebble Beach,” is actually a week long series of events, gatherings and parties drawing automakers, collectors, owners and motorsport personalities alike.  It’s a week full of excitement and awe for anyone that loves everything automotive held in a collection of some of the world’s most beautiful coastal towns in California, namely Monterey and Carmel-By the Sea.

As an ultra fan of anything with wheels, it was just plain crazy to see the best of the best and the rarest cars all together at one place.

We were invited to collaborate with Croatia’s sole indigenous automotive manufacturer, Rimac Automobili to capture their presence at the this year’s Monterey Car Week.


Though they are known in the automotive world as the company that makes the fastest all electric hypercar, Rimac Automobile is at heart, a tech company that has pioneered in electric components, batteries and technology for the automotive industry. They do everything in-house and are fully equipped with the man-power and machinery to manufacture production scale vehicles. They currently produce one now called, “Concept_One,” a 1224HP, 2.5s 0-60 mph doing, insanely drop dead gorgeous hypercar.

Some of the main events at the Monterey Car Week include McCall’s Motorworks Revival and The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering.

McCall’s, named after it’s founder Gordon McCall takes place at the Monterey Jet Centre and is an evening weaving style, class and elegance all together. Owners and automotive manufacturers can showcase their flagship cars and aeroplanes at this prestigious event. The crowd that usually makes it out to McCall’s consists of big time collectors, celebrities, motorsport legends, airplane owners and swanky enthusiasts.

This year’s event took place on the 16th of August and went on from 5pm till 10pm with onlookers ogling at what one could call the most audacious displays of automotive and aerospace beauty.

The Quail – A Motorsport Gathering is one of the most sought after locations to be at for any automotive manufacturer. Set in one of the most beautiful locations, the Quail Lodge in Carmel by the sea, the event is conglomeration of automotive manufacturers displaying their flagship beauties and owners showcasing their rarest pieces of motoring beauty.

With he sun out and the weather being perfect for a walk around the park looking at mind blowing cars and bikes this years Quail event was the 15th anniversary of the same.

Rimac Automobili displayed two Concept_One cars, both of which were being delivered to customers in the United States. Guests of both the events were completely awestruck by the sheer beauty of these Croatian all electric hyper cars on display in one of America’s and the World’s largest Automotive gatherings.

As for us, it was genuinely a great experience to be able to collaborate and work closely with the Rimac Team, documenting their journey over the wonderful week in Monterey, CA.