Range Rover Velar Launch

The Range Rover Velar was probably one of the most awaited SUVs to come into to the market. Not just for me, but all over the world. The all-new Land Rover design ethic, sporting minimalistic looks and extremely refined tones and style really make this particular Range Rover stand out from every other SUV in the market.

The name “Velar” was used in the past when Land Rover was making their pre-production Range Rovers in the 1960s. It was derived from the Latin word, “Valere” which means “to cover” or “veil.” The new Velar from Range Rover fills in a gap that has been present between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport.

Many people complained that the Evoque was too small for them and the Sport was too big for them and that there was nothing in between, hence to factor in those city prowlers that still kind of use their car on rough terrain, Land Rover introduced the Avantgarde SUV, the Range Rover Velar.

We were contacted by our friends at Jaguar Land Rover India to create the social media content and imagery for the launch event of the car at one of Delhi’s most prestigious locations, the British High Commissioner’s private residence in Chanakyapuri. Land Rover India was planning on doing something never done before at a launch event in India. They literally wanted to lift the veil off the car, making it look as if the silk was just disappearing into thin air as it rose off the vehicle revealing the beautiful Velar. It was most crucial for us to capture that moment to create an asset that they could be used over all their social media platforms.

During the day the press launch event took place, the pyramidal veil looked great over the car but it was during the night when it actually stood out. Guests from all over had come to experience the launch event. Drinks flowed from the tap and the ambiance was all classy and uppity, just as you would expect for a Range Rover event per say.

Nonetheless, the launch gala was a great experience and we are pretty thankful to have been part of this event, especially as content creators for the whole thing.