Range Rover Bespoke Press Launch Images

The Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography is already one of the most expensive cars currently sold in the Indian market. When we got the call to come shoot the press images of yet another Range Rover, we were under the impression that it was probably the refreshed 2018 version of the car. It was only when we got the brief that we found out that the car we would be shooting before its launch was the extremely rare completely hand built Range Rover Autobiography by SVO Bespoke.

Unfortunately for us, the vehicle that we were supposed to photograph had just arrived from the port to the showroom and didn’t have any insurance or registration. Which meant that taking it to a proper automotive studio for the photography session was next to impossible, considering the high risk and value of this particular car. This meant that we had to figure out a way where we could set up a studio in the dealership premises around the car and accordingly light it up to create the perfect studio look desired by the client.

The lighting set-up was elaborate. We used a 20ft x 20ft chimera skimmer above the car to diffuse the top light to light up the main areas of the car. Additional skimmers on either side of the car were used in diffusing the light for the sides. In total, we ended up using 8 lights for the final shot.  We even ended up taking multiple exposures to help in the post-processing of the photographs.

The post-processing process was a long and tedious process. Getting rid of reflections, making sure the car looked glossy and not mate and making sure all the nitty-gritty’s were looked into so that the final delivered images looked flawless and could go out to the press and public ready to wow them towards the hulking beauty.

We, later on, found out that only five Range Rover Bespoke cars have made their way to India and their customers can either order their cars directly from the Bespoke center in the UK or through the dealerships in India itself.