Porsche 718 Cayman S

Porsche will always hold a special place in my heart, but it wasn’t always like that. Judge me for what you might read next but the fact was that I was never really a die hard Porsche fan until I actually drove a 911. It blew my mind and totally made me understand what the 911 fans were talking about. It surely is a car that is just being perfected and made better over the years.

The Cayman on the other hand doesn’t really have a renowned heritage like the 911 does but it’s that entry level everyday sports car from Porsche. You can drive it to work, to the grocery store and even blast around the Nurburgring with it and you’ll have fun doing pretty much all three.

For this shoot we met up with fellow photographer Daniel and cinematographer Benyamin from Helix 4 Motion. They just happen to be drone cinematography specialists. We headed straight for the Swabian Alps, the perfect setting for this little Porsche to have fun. The roads beautifully wound through the limestone mountains. We even crossed Hohenzollern castle on the way, a striking fortress in the Baden-Wutemburg area.

Just as the 911 won my heart, the 718 Cayman S wedged it’s way in as well. It’s a simple, small poised car around town, but switch over to Sport+ mode and it does turn into a car version of the Tasmania devil. Roaring it’s turbocharged four-cylinder engine all the way up to 6500 rpm before it grunts into a shift. The torque delivery was just fantastic, pinning you back to the seat as you climbed up the revs and speed.

Daniel helped us out with driving the tracking car so we could grab some shots, what was different this time was that we ended up doing about 120-140km/hr and the shutter speed we shooting at was more like 1/40s so we definitely got motion big enough to make it look like the 718 was doing about 250km/hr through the mountain roads.

Helix 4 Motion did a fabulous job with capturing some killer shots of the car from the sky with their Inspire 1 and X5R.

Do check them out as well – www.helix4motion.com