Ode to Iceland

“This primordial place,
Forever unfazed,
Born from Fire and Ice,
Under the aurora lights

Let time slip by,
Like hourglass sand
As you enjoy this Ode to Iceland.”


Iceland has been one of the most intriguing destinations on our travel list for the last year and a half or so. Hours and hours of months had gone into planning what the best way to explore the island should be. Linking it up with a photo shoot assignment would be the icing on the cake.

Mercedes-Benz had launched their V-Class Marco Polo camper van earlier in 2017. This seemed the most comfortable way to get around the island and at the same time join the trip up with what we love doing – photographing cars in various locations. So we put in a request and lo and behold a shiny new Silver Marco Polo was waiting for us at Keflavik airport in October 2017.

October is an iffy but extremely beautiful time to go visit Iceland. Most of the island is recuperating from the busy summer months and getting prepped up for the onset of winter. Campsites are a hit and try whether they are open or not. The sites, on the other hand, are all open access to the public.

The landscape is out of this world though. It has literally been carved up but the numerous waterfalls, glaciers and not to mention the active volcanoes present on the island. Lava rock covered in moss is probably the most distinct image of the remote European island apart from the uber-famous Seljallandfoss and Skogafoss Waterfalls and Vik’s black sandy beaches. Jokulsarlon’s glacial ice lagoon had to be one of the most mind-blowing locations during the 20-day journey around the island. Experiencing one of the most epic sunrises at this lagoon will be a moment etched in our memories forever. We can probably go on and on about how mind-blowing the landscape was and how it made for a perfect backdrop in photographing the V-Class Marco Polo we were camping in.

The vehicle seemed to be a perfect fit for the journey we were on. A semi-detailed camping road trip around this awe-inspiring island. With 4matic all wheel drive and studded tires, the V-class gave us no trouble especially when we had to take it off the tarmac and onto the gravel roads. During the cold windy nights, the Marco Polo kept us warm with its extremely capable heating system and allowed us to get cozy with a hot chocolate made on our very own stove. The Pop-out Rooftop bed was the perfect place to get a great night’s rest.

We can probably write a never-ending story about everything that happened during our journey around the island, that will probably happen in a while, at the moment let the pictures do the talking. Do take out some time and check out the video of the journey as well.