Mercedes-Benz GLC India

Mercedes-Benz is the leading luxury car manufacturer in India. They are also one of the few countries that actually manufacture Mercedes-Benz SUVs.

Currently the factory in Pune, Maharashtra manufactures the GLA and assembles the GLE and GLS. To add to itʼs fleet of SUVʼs made in India, Mercedes-Benz India expanded itʼs factory to incorporate the production of the all new GLC.

To launch the product, we were asked to create some media assets for the brand along the lines of “#DestinationAnywhere.” A campaign showcasing the go anywhere capabilities of the GLC.

For this we decided to showcase the car in two of the most traveled locations in India. The forests of the foothills of the the Himalayas and the deserts of Rajasthan.

The shots were required to be aggressive and dynamic, showcasing the capabilities of the SUV. Just as we were heading out for the shoot, Leica Camera decided to contact us and give us the all new SL for testing. Leica as most photographers know, is probably one of the most sought after cameras in the field.

The SL is Leicaʼs latest entry to the mirrorless world. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to test out how it would perform on an automotive shoot. The SL has to have the best electronic viewfinder ever. Its a whole ten steps ahead of anything else in the market. Looking through the viewfinder reveals an extremely realistic and sharp image of the scene, crisp enough to point out the finest details that might be off in a photograph. Along with the solid build quality and minimalistic design the SL does a great job of capturing still images. The touchscreen focusing and review is as easy to use as that of an iPhones.

The only point where we felt that it might hold itself back is during car to car shots where quick fps and a large image buffer is needed. Maybe it was to do with the card that was in the camera but at that moment it didnʼt seem to perform too well.

Apart from that, if youʼve got the money then please go ahead and pick up an SL. It is absolutely amazing. It captures mind-blowing stills and some great 4k video too. A definite contender to the Sony mirrorless series. 

GLC -HD-11
GLC -HD-48
GLC -HD-41