Honda Africa Twin

Honda is a well known brand when it comes to two wheelers. In India it has the highest market share with it’s Activa in the motorcycle and scooter segment. People have blind faith in the brand and will swear by it’s products and Honda has quite a range in everyday commuter bikes and scooters. They do sell their large cc motorcycles as well but as most of you know, big displacement bikes in India don’t really draw in the money for the brands.

All that aside, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India has decided to bring it’s hardcore adventure touring motorcycle to India, the CRF100 Africa Twin. We got called down to Udaipur to film this bike in action as the press decided to take it out for a spin.

Post the media ride shoot we got an opportunity to experience the bike ourselves and shot a small creative video with 8 riders in the lush landscape around the City of Lakes.

The new CRF1000 Africa Twin is a reimagined and updated version of the 1989 XRV750 Dakar Rally winning machine. The new bike is the first motorcycle to have a double clutch system which means deleting the clutch lever and gear shifter from the bike. This also means that you can make much faster shifts on the fly with the means of handlebar shifters, equivalent to paddle shifters in a car. That probably has to be the most mind blowing part of the bike. It allows the rider to have complete concentration on the road and during off-roading than having to think which gear is ideal for the situation, proving that the bike is actually smart and adaptable. A special “G” mode for off-roading along with adjustable traction control and abs settings the bike can be tuned on the go to ensure that it can tackle any terrain that lays ahead of it.

The event consisted of a media presentation at the Radisson Blu followed by a gala dinner and the next day consisted of various batches of riders getting to experience the bike on and off the road.

Africa Twin-1250
Africa Twin-1417
Africa Twin-1533
Africa Twin-5029
Africa Twin-5930