E-Class Coupe

Honestly I’ll say that this one was a little hard for me to wrap my head around. An E-Class Coupé? I don’t mean that in a demanding way, it’s just that the E-Class has been the symbol of executive everyday, do-it-all sedans pretty much in every part of the world. To see a two door version of an already amazing car makes me go, “Alright buyer, now you’re being selfish!” Nonetheless though, the all new E-Coupe is a car that most of us will immediately fall in love with but might find kind of tough to justify.

We picked up the E-Coupe from the Daimler headquarters in Mühringen. The plan was simple, explore the winding roads of the Austrian and Italian Alps in this beautiful younger sister of the S-Coupe.

The weather in early May was still pretty cold and the mountain passes were just opening up for public use after the winter snowfall. The drive and shoot on Austria’s Grossglockner High Alpine road had to be one of the best moments of the trip. A crazy awesome drivable road through one of Austria’s most beautiful passes. The highlight being, this time it was completely whitewashed and cold.

Escaping to South Tyrol in Northern Italy after crossing the Grossglockner was even better than we had imagined. Vineyards lead to rolling his and then into tall mountains as we climbed back up from Merano, Italy to the Stelvio pass, only to realize that the pass was still snowed it. This gave us a good opportunity to fly the drone around the Stelvio approach road and capture some awesome footage of the E-Coupe.

Shooting in in the little remote town of Livigno was quite the experience. As we explored the town and its outskirts we came across a road that was climbing up into the mountains.  As we ventured further we came across what could be considered as a perfect example of a colt. A young tan colored horse with golden hair. it seemed intrigued with the car and kept walking towards it. We had no idea what it was up to. I got out of the car to click a picture and the horse literally started charging towards the car pretty much chasing us out of the area. We drove up but since the road was a dead end ahead it meant that we had to turn around and venture through his territory again. This time we decided to take it ultra slow and test his limits. He seemed oblivious at first, concentrating on the grass he had to eat but as the car drew closer his ears perked up and he stood tall staring right at us. At this point we were about parallel with him. In the next moment her galloped down the hill and towards the car again and once again was successful in driving us out from the area. A very random and crazy experience.

Over the 5 days that we had the E-Class Coupe, we realized why a two door four seater car from the E-Class family makes sense. It’s ideal for that stylish personality that enjoys driving and exploring various destinations by road. The rear seats are not bad, even for adults.

We’d tried our best to depict that in the photos and video that we have of the car as well. A classy everyday tourer with the most well known Mercedes-Benz “E”-Class badge.