Look back at the battles you have won, 

They’ve gone past, like a blur

And when the World pushes you down,

grab your weapon of choice 



Let the theme of the Country Western Cowboy fill your imagination as you read the rest of this piece.

Dodge is one of the most iconic true-bred American brands that exists in the automotive world.

Renowned in history for is fire breathing muscle cars like the Charger and the Challenger, Dodge became a a household name with nearly everyone in America.

The Challenger is a car that has been resurrected from the dead. It has brought back the the definition of American Muscle to the world of today.

We got an opportunity to play around with the Challenger R/T. in San Francisco this past August. Be assured this is not some show-off machine, it is quite the car. Powered by a naturally aspirated 5.7L V8 Hemi block, the Challenger is a proper rumble machine, capable of very easily turning black rubber into white smoke in a matter of minutes.

Considering we had the car for less than 24 hours, we decided to explore northern San Francisco around the Mount Tamalpais State Park region, where we ourselves were awestruck by the continuous golden rolling hills with a black strip of tarmac curving through the landscape. Off to the left of the road you can see Stinson Beach in the distance. That evening we could see Karl (the SF Fog) rolling in and settling over the city. Tamalpais seems to be above the clouds and just vast. The long open road, through the crest of the hills made for a great location to take some awesome drone shots of the car, along with some nice sunset tracking shots as well.

The video we shot, portrays a strong, fearless lady and her journey with her car of choice, one that has personality, the Challenger. The journey is a combination of shots from the hills of Tamalpais, along the Pacific Coastal Highway, culminating at a beach on the Californian Coast.

The video gave us a chance to make something for ourselves, allowing us to experiment with camera movements, drone shots and sound design.

Overall we have to say it was a fun experience putting this video together.