Black Forest Beast

The Black Forest area of Germany has always intrigued me. It’s always given me a vibe of this mysterious enchanted forest that holds the secrets to the awesomeness of Germany (as silly as that sounds, I do sometimes feel all the crazy German magic happens in there.)

Mercedes-Benz gave us the opportunity to shoot their flagship coupe, the S63 AMG, so we decided that the Black Forest should be the ideal location, especially since the car was black as well and looked pretty menacing.

The S63 immediately envelopes you in luxury. The seats, the leather, the music system and the ride, all make it impossible for you to actually get out of the car. The 5.5L twin turbo V8 on the other hand is the actual reason as to why we decided to stay in the car most of the time. A pure AMG creation, this engine has to be one of Mercedes-Benz’ best creations, not to mention the sound it makes, audible even through the amazing sound proofing of the super luxurious coupe.

The black forest has it’s own charm, unlike the name thou, it’s not completely black but it surely is mysterious, on foggy days, even more so. The S63 was growling through this densely vegetated area of Germany till it brought us to an amazing lake, lake Konstanz, where the Black Forest ends. Crossing the lake from Meersburg to a small town of Freidrichshafen with the ferry gave us the chance to catch a beautiful sunset over the water. All great locations to capture the car in.

Freidrichshafen has to be one of the most beautiful towns on the lake. It was the first time we got to see a Zeppelin, a rigid airship that looks like its from way back in time, with a blog silver balloon floating around with a small cabin at the base. Freidrichshafen is extremely famous for its aviation history.

The drive from Stuttgart to Friedrichshafen and back through the Black forest, as good as it may be, was made even better by having the companionship of the uber luxurious S63 AMG.

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